About us

About us

Facilitating seamless climate adaptation

ASPECT is a Horizon Europe Research and Innovation Action project that will produce and improve seamless climate predictions covering the next 30 years to facilitate adaptation decisions in a range of sectors.

Climate information will be co-produced by working closely with stakeholders from societally important sectors, such as agriculture, finance and governance, to ensure their needs are addressed. ASPECT aims to provide useful and usable seamless climate predictions that span across timescales, spatial scales and decision-making levels.

The project, running until December 2026, will focus on European climate, while looking more widely into policy-interest areas, such as disaster preparedness, and other regions of the world that directly or indirectly impact Europe.

climate change with melting polar ice
Heatwave hot sun. Climate Change. Global Warming
Aerial view of grassland field burning with red fire during dry season. Natural disaster and climate
Hurricane due to climate change
Climate Change

Project outputs

Developing new adaptation capabilities

The outputs of the ASPECT project include the following: