Second Session of User Forum 2023 takes place on 21 April

ASPECT invites users, purveyors and translators of climate information to join the second part of the project’s user forum.

Following a successful first session, ASPECT will be holding its Second User Forum on “Adaptation-oriented seamless predictions of European climate” on Friday 21 April 2023 at 10:00-13:00 CEST. The second part of the user forum, taking place online, aims to further explore the discussions and exchange of knowledge and experiences related to the practical application of climate forecasts and predictions.

During the first session held in March 2023 during the Climateurope2 webstival, the modelling framework for seamless predictions was presented. This included an overview of its key components and methods, as well as the potential outcomes and benefits that could be achieved. The analysis of the Copernicus Climate Change Service’s user requirement database has also provided initial insights. Moreover, the competition for becoming a Super User was launched during the first session of the Forum, which is open to international companies and organisations from any sector focusing on societal problems related to resilience and adaptation to climate change.

The second session of the ASPECT User Forum will include a presentation of more detailed information on technical modelling frameworks and the requirements for applying predictions. Additionally, potential Super Users will share a series of use cases that they have developed as part of their application. The session will be open to all those interested in climate prediction, but we particularly invite those who would like to share their experiences or explore the use of novel climate predictions and forecasts.

ASPECT’s User Forum serves as a platform for stakeholder and user engagement, providing a venue to discuss and exchange knowledge, experiences, and challenges related to climate predictions. It will bring together researchers, practitioners, policymakers, and other stakeholders who use climate predictions in their work or are interested to learn how these predictions can make their work more effective and efficient. The meeting will provide an opportunity to delve into the requirements and use cases of the organisations who showed interest for the ASPECT project and applied to become a Super User. The competition will remain open after the second session, thus other organisations will still have the opportunity to apply to become a Super User. Participation in the user forum is free and open to all, however prior registration is required.

Who can attend?

The User Forum is open to all organisations, and particularly welcomes anyone interested in incorporating seamless climate prediction into their operations and decision-making processes to join. This includes public authorities and agencies, businesses, researchers, and climate service providers. Representatives from Mission Adaptation’s regions and communities are encouraged to attend. Individuals who wish to become super-users will have the opportunity to share their use-cases.

More information and the detailed agenda can be found in the session brochure.