ASPECT’s User Forum 2024 takes place in January

The project’s second annual user forum brings together climate researchers and users across Europe, and beyond.

The Horizon Europe project ASPECT is exploring the frontier of climate predictions and their capabilities, focusing on improving the usability of these predictions for climate adaptation.

On 30 January to 1 February 2024, the project is holding the second edition of its annual, multi-sector User Forums. The event is an opportunity for climate-sensitive organisations to learn about the newest developments in climate prediction science and share their experiences in applying these products in the real-world.

Through diverse sessions spanning over three days, the event is dedicated to weaving a tapestry of innovation, collaboration, and advancement around future climate information.

Your participation in the User Forum is instrumental in our collective effort to forge a resilient future. Through this forum, we aim to help you make better decisions with tailored and high-quality climate predictions and shared knowledge. Your valuable perspectives, experiences, and expertise are essential in crafting strategies for a more climate-resilient world.

Join us to discover the latest seasonal to decadal prediction science and its real-world applications!

Event agenda

The User Forum 2024 will be comprised of the following sessions:

Tuesday 30 January, 14:00-15:30 CET – Understanding seamless climate information

This session is all about making future climate information easy to understand. We’ll explain the science behind climate predictions and talk about how they can be useful in different ways. Leading scientists will use simple language to tell you about the latest developments in seasonal to decadal prediction. And experienced users will discuss why these climate predictions matter and how climate information helps with decision making by users.

Wednesday 31 January, 12:30-14:00 CET: Advancing ASPECT Project: Research and Innovation

On the second day of the User Forum, we will delve into ASPECT research and innovation. We’ll discuss what has been achieved in terms of seamless seasonal to decadal climate information for decision making and what we expect to achieve in the future. We will also introduce two new Super Users to the project consortium and discuss how to address their needs.

Thursday 1 February, 14:00-15:30 CET: Matchmaking: One-on-One and Small Group Chats

In the third and final day of the 2024 edition of the User Forum, we will focus on one-on-one or small group discussions between ASPECT scientists and current and potential users who want to dive deeper into the potential use of seasonal to decadal climate information. You can register and schedule a conversation with our experts, allowing you to ask specific, detailed questions tailored to your needs and how you can benefit from future climate information developed by the project. Our experts will answer your questions and learn more about your application contexts.

You can find the detailed agenda below:

Who can join?

The User Forum is open to anyone interested in understanding climate predictions and how they can be applied to decision-making, including current or potential users of climate information, representatives from a public agency, business owners, or members of non-governmental organisations. Specialised knowledge is not necessary to participate.