ASPECT at Climateurope2 festival

Researchers bring insights from the ASPECT project to the climate services community and beyond.

Climate services play a pivotal role in the effort towards climate change adaptation, resilience, and a more sustainable future. The European project Climateurope2, dedicated to the standardisation and support of the climate services community, is hosting the “Climate Services and Innovation Festival“, which takes place this week in Venice, Italy, between 11 and 13 March 2024.

The festival delves into a wide range of topics related to the meaningful use of climate services, and includes discussions on the EU Mission on Climate Change, urban challenges, and water management challenges.

ASPECT is participating in the Climateurope2 festival, bringing knowledge from the project to stakeholders from the climate services community, providers and purveyors of climate services, public authorities, and actors from sectors like energy and agriculture. At the festival, ASPECT partners will offer valuable insights and contribute to the discussion on climate services and adaptation.

The project partners will take part in the “Water management transformation challenges” on Tuesday 12 March at 14:00 CET, with a presentation on seamless climate prediction and how it can enable a resilient future, followed by involvement in the World Café to present ASPECT use cases and user requirements for climate forecasts.

Furthermore, insights from the large-scale survey on user needs conducted by ASPECT researchers will be shared during the “Participatory deep dives with climate services users” session, on Wednesday 13 March at 9:30 CET.

More information on the Climateurope2 festival and registration can be found on the event page here.

Agenda of the Climateurope2 festival.

Finally, further details on the two sessions in which ASPECT partners are involved are shown below:

Water management transformation challenges: Water is a fundamental resource for life on the planet that will be severely affected by climate change, particularly in the Mediterranean region. Organizations concerned on the use and application of climate services to adapt water resource systems will exchange their vision and experiences during this session.

Participatory deep dives with climate services users: This session is dedicated to engaging all participants in exploring the key messages produced by Climateurope2 so far. It presents lessons learned on user interaction through a keynote presentation, a brief update on the current status of standardising climate services, and continues with deep dives on four key topics where all attendees are expected to participate.