Partners participate in climate prediction and services workshop in Bergen

ASPECT joins climate prediction and services experts in a workshop taking place in May 2024.

At the multi-annual timescales, the Atlantic and Arctic oceans have emerged as important sources of climate predictability, with exciting developments in the fields of climate prediction and services.

To address recent advances and challenges in these fields, a workshop will be held on 27 to 30 May 2024 in Bergen, Norway, in a hybrid format. The workshop, titled “Climate Prediction and Services over the Atlantic-Arctic region”, is organised by the Bjerknes Climate Prediction Unit in collaboration with ASPECT along with several other projects. It aims to bring together leading researchers and practitioners to exchange knowledge on themes such as the development of climate predictions and the provision of tailored climate information. ASPECT researchers will present the latest project developments during several sessions, including the following:

Monday 27 May
  • 16:15-16:30 – “Improved Prediction Skill of Extremely Warm European Summers” – Lara Wallberg (MPG)
  • Session Chair: “Progress in understanding the mechanisms for predictability” – Panos Athanasiadis (CMCC)
Tuesday 28 May (parallel sessions, 10:00-12:30):
  • Pitch: “From Super Users to a Community of Practice: bringing seamless climate information into mainstream decision making” (Room 4) – Marta Terrado (BSC);
  • Pitch: “Co-production of multi-annual climate services to support food and wine production resilience” (Room 4) – Carlos Delgado (BSC);
  • Pitch: “Decadal predictions outperform projections in forecasting winter precipitation over the Mediterranean region” (Room 2) – Dario Nicolì (CMCC).
  • Pitch: “ICON-Seamless: Towards an integrated model configuration for numerical weather prediction, climate predictions and projections” (Room 2) – Wolfgang Müller (MPG)
  • Session Chair: “Development of climate prediction systems” – Wolfgang Müller (MPG)
Wednesday 29 May
  • 11:00-11:15 – “Improving the forecast quality of near-term climate projections by constraining internal variability based on decadal predictions and observations” – Markus Donat (BSC);
  • 14:45-15:00 – “Statistical downscaling of extremes in seasonal predictions – a case study on spring frosts for the viticultural sector” – Sebastiano Roncoroni (CMCC).

More information, the full agenda and registration details can be found in the workshop page.